Couchfish Day 262: Head-desking on the PerhentiansListen now (6 min) | Is that rate per night or per week?
Couchfish Day 261: What I just did—nobody knows itListen now (6 min) | Cyclists have all the fun
Couchfish: Hey TAT, tell me what you really think!Some memos are timeless
Couchfish Day 260: Hello MalaysiaListen now (6 min) | I’m in Kota Bharu to eat
Couchfish: Keeping up with the JonesesThere is no such thing as a perfect trip
Couchfish Day 259: Jungle then Swamp then JailListen now (8 min) | Three trips in one
Couchfish: 121 daysA look back at Couchfish’s time in Thailand
Couchfish: Why don’t you speak my language?Much worry about words
Couchfish Day 258: The temple that protects ThailandListen now (7 min) | Like cut lumber, they were stacked in the army trucks, four layers deep
Couchfish Day 257: Take me to the waterfall waterfallListen now (5 min) | A slow day in Narathiwat
Couchfish Day 256: A literal interpretationListen now (6 min) | ... on an ideal introduction to Thailand
Couchfish: I love you big time babyMy bows don’t get much longer than this