🇱🇦 Laos

Couchfish: The Stochastic Parrot Guide To Luang PrabangThis story was not written by AI.
Couchfish: The Year Is 2006. The Town Is Luang PrabangSo where does your money actually go? Can it make a difference?
Couchfish Day 195: Into the bowels of the earthUnderground is sometimes best of all.
Couchfish Day 194: 20 km from where?We’re on a road to nowhere.
Couchfish Day 193: The lesser Tha Khaek Loop A day spent exploring a few of the caves—and a good swimming hole—near Tha Khaek.
Couchfish Day 192: Border townsA long day of travel as I change countries, so while the wheels turn, some thoughts on border crossings.
Couchfish Week 33: The MekongSome thoughts on some of the places I’ve swung by along the Mekong River.
Couchfish Day 113: To Don DhetA lazy day on the laziest of the 4,000 islands.
Couchfish Day 112: Don Daeng and Um TomoAnother great island in a land–locked nation.
Couchfish Day 111: The worldview of a mighty empireA visit to Wat Phu and a riverside temple.
Couchfish Day 110: Parting ways and south againOur travelling party breaks up and I head south for some quiet time by the Mekong.
Couchfish Day 109: From good to bad to what?Bad roads, a few rivers, an unexpected response back in Pakse.