As a responsible tourism entity, I definitely agree that we should be mindful of all things that you've mentioned above while promoting LOCAL destinations. I myself work in a company that promotes local community homestays, but the majority of the people that are interested in these sort of AUTHENTIC experiences tend to be of the older age group. Young people often choose destinations and experiences that are trendy and provide value for money, which is one of the basic functions of any business entity.

Let's just say if I have enough money to afford a decent 3-star hotel experience that gives me more comfort and flexibility, and I had to choose between the local experience and the hotel experience for the same price, I'd choose the latter option. But I am aware that this 3-star hotel doesn't do much for the community. It comes down to making a choice. So how can a community led initiative compete with these kind of commercial services? How can the culture of a community be promoted hand-in-hand with the modernization and western influences spreading rapidly in a competitive environment?

These were the sort of questions that kept bugging me as I was going through this blog.

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Interesting. In this increasingly protectionist world the question of what is local is coming up often. Apparently we need local solar panels rather than cheaper imported ones for example. Might help to rank priorities - jobs, taxable profits, the activity or product itself etc.

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