Couchfish Day 100: One hundred days in review

Couchfish Day 100: One hundred days in review

To be honest, it feels like one hundred years since I started the daily entries for Couchfish. This being the one hundredth I thought I’d look back to highlight some of the entries I’m happy with.

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Counting the free Couchfish posts (Diversions and Friday afternoon), I’m up around the 130 post mark now. As such I’m pulling from all for this collection—and this is a free to read for all post. I’ve marked the pay–to–read posts with a $ sign.

Thanks again for reading Couchfish. I hope you’ve all found some enjoyment in my attempts to bring a little bit of the region back to you daily. May sanity return to the planet before I reach the 300 post mark!

Couchfish Day 4: On a train $

Cruising on the Khon Kaen to Udon Thani train. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

If I had to choose one way to travel, it would always be train. There is something about sitting in a car and feeling that first pull, wobble and clang as the train gets moving. Pull out of one station and arrive in another. It is everything flying isn’t.

Couchfish Week 2: “You’re a lucky man”

Laneway art, Khao San Road. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

This story, about me getting scammed by a psychic near Bangkok’s Khao San Road remains one of the most read stories on Couchfish.

Couchfish Day 25: Nan, into the jungle and under the ground $

Always remember to look up. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

The first part of a two part piece on trekking in Nan in northern Thailand—my companions were, well ... just read it.

Couchfish Diversion 2: Kien Svay, Cambodia

Meet lunch. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

Sometimes a diversion is only a 30–minute tuk tuk ride away, but will take you a world away. This was a simple trip, but it was a fun day, with excellent company.

Couchfish Week 4: Always get out of the boat. Part II

Chugging up the west coast of Pantar. Classic Indonesia. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

Eastern Indonesia is one of my favourite parts of the world. This story shows how ending up in the wrong place can deliver an all the more memorable experience. And, the world is never short of honest local people stepping up to help out.

Couchfish Week 5: Your arm, I need it!

Not creepy enough? Try here. Photo: Mark Ord.

Regular readers will know I’m not in short supply on the odd story front. This, in Takeo south of Phnom Penh, was one of my oddest experiences.

Couchfish Day 43: On a slow boat with a competitive traveller $

Ships that pass in the night. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

If you’ve ever travelled, you’ll no doubt be able to identify with this experience. In a boat, you cannot run and hide—other than to the roof.

Couchfish Week 11: Never trust a French arms dealer

Zafo is a moron. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

Combine Eastern Indonesia, a volcano and a French arms dealer. The result was a memorable and frustrating day.

Couchfish Week 12: The fabulist

The night I met a fabulist. He’s out of shot. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

The night I met a guy in Bangkok who said he worked for Travelfish—except he didn’t.

Couchfish Day 64: The worst day of travel. Ever.

Sam Neua to Ha Noi … the long way. Map: Stuart McDonald.

I’d need to reach back into my time in India to dig up a more epically bad stretch of travelling than this. When crossing the Lao Vietnam border took slightly longer than planned.

Couchfish Diversion 12: You should have been here yesterday. Really?

Not a WiFi signal in sight … Rudana Museum, Ubud. Photo: Sally Arnold.

How can we become better travellers?

Couchfish Week 15: The unluckiest traveller on earth

Cooling off at Ao Manao. Photo: Stuart McDonald.

People are not always who they say they are.

Couchfish Week 17: I need a gun

On the way to Mae Sam Laep. Photo: Mark Ord.

Another one from the “this story might upset my Mum” file.

Couchfish Week 18: The artefact smuggler

I was so fashionable in the 1990s.

That thing where you hitch a ride in Laos only to discover you’re riding with antique smugglers. Happens to everyone right?

Couchfish Day 93: Gearing up $

The perfect feed pho a cold day. Photo: Cindy Fan.

This was my favourite piece by Cindy Fan. Travel writing isn’t all horizon pools.

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Thanks again for reading Couchfish!


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