I notice zero mention of the private jets used to attend climate change conferences, globalist conferences etc all over the world.

Nor am I the least bit impressed by "slow travel". Slow Travel is like Slow Food - great if you're rich and can sail around the world because you don't need to work or can spend 10 hours making and consuming a Whole Foods organic meal; impossible for most people.

The most damning is the economic illiteracy of this entire premise. Travel - whether of people or things - is not just a function of cost or pollution.

It is also a function of time.

We fly ourselves and things when the time cost outweighs the literal money cost - that's why Fedex overnight and Amazon fast shipping exist. Why not outlaw the air freight of things, if pollution is such an issue?

Similarly, if pollution is the prerogative instead of time or cost - what about sea vs train vs. truck transport? (Again, both for people and goods) Each of these also represent different time/cost/pollution profiles.

If you seek to promote the hobby horse of ecological sustainability - you really need to try harder to actually understand what you are talking about.

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This makes me even happier that we managed to reduce our flying so much this year.

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