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Never ceases to amaze me how such a target has been reached and how little thought goes into how can we make it happen without bringing the country to a standstill. For instance I know they are building a new runway at Bangkok but can the terminal cope with such an increase.

Why not vastly simplify visa process, if no landing card is needed by air why do I need one if I cross by land, if POOT is never required when entering by land why do they insist on airlines asking for this. An efficient and simple evisa might save going to a Thai embassy for all tourists.

The idea of pushing tourists away from the normal places to the less visited was quietly dropped years ago by lonely planet as they removed them from the printed guides. TAT do produce some excellent guides to the provinces but they have not yet recognised that many if not most tourists who want to explore need directions based on using local transportation and not driving your own car or two wheeled death trap.

As you say what are places like Koh Samui Phuket Chiang Mai and other hotspots going to be like will there even be enough rooms.

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What are your thoughts on Ko Chang? We're spending two months in Bangkok and then washer to spend a month on a quiet-ish island. Previously visited Ko Lanta because we had friends there. Liked but didn't love it.

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