We were in Hoi An in 2019 for three months and while I found the old town to be pretty touristy, it was still nice enough to visit a couple of times. But the areas over by the beach? God, those were hideous.

We actually stayed a kilometer outside of town literally on the door step of some rice fields. We got to observe almost an entire cycle of the rice growing and that was very special.

As for Ba Na hills, I didn't realize so much forest had been destroyed, which is terrible. But I found Ba Na fascinating. Not for the historical part, but for what it had to say about modern Vietnam.

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Yeah Hoi An just doesn’t do it for me—was lucky/had the misfortune to see it a long time ago and don’t like what it has become. As far as Ba Na goes, yeah I guess it offers up a facet on what developers think modern Vietnam is, but I think their take is far from universal.

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