I just about hit 4 and a half of your criteria BUT I am guilty of traveling business class for long haul and I hate to say it much as I love the 22 train journey (scheduled as may be anything up to 6 hours late) from Bangkok to the deep south of Thailand I do sometimes opt for the hours flight down to Narathiwat or back.

Eating local food I can't imagine not and being lucky enough now to have many local friends in Thailand and Cambodia I am treated to many dishes that a tourist would be hard come by to find

On the topic of sustainable development as Stuart knows I love the village of Chi Phat in Cambodia and during covid my friend Vanak built a new chalet in the jungle. I saw the site before covid on my last visit and am looking forward to getting back soon to see it for myself


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Hi as always thank you. Feeling depressed about travel. If I get to SE Asia. Will I be welcome? Probably takes me over 5 mins to eat my noodles. I think I made all 5 on your check list. A good list by the way. Stay with this important work.

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Fantastic, righteous rant! (Rant meant in the best way.)

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