Reading this makes me very glad to be a slomad staying in places for longer and almost never with big resorts or chains. I'm sure there is leakage involved with what we spend -- I MIGHT have gone to a Starbucks yesterday -- but I think it's a lot less because of the way we live and travel.

And Laos is on our list for next year, so I'll definitley be looking for local businesses, especially female run ones.

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Starbucks?! Say it isn’t so! ;-)

Yeah I think leakages are a part of life, but being aware of them, and deciding to avoid some of the big ones, often don’t trouble the traveller too much, but can make a difference locally.

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I'm orginally from Seattle and remember when there were only a handful of stores, not a global behemoth gobbling up the world. So once in a while, I do get a latte there... LOL

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