Isn't the author of this article, to a large extent, a digital nomad? It isn't clear to me how digital nomads are swimming in the local labor pool. I can't imagine how a non-Thai speaker, for example, could compete with locals in any of the job categories you mentioned; nor would they readily work for standard Thai wages. Can you elaborate on that, as I seem to be not getting the point?

It also seems to me that a digital nomad program isn't mutually exclusive from an business development visa. Thailand has the latter, at least the last time I checked, but it seemed so complicated that they only issue a few dozen every year.

What I would really like to see is a paid month-to-month visa option. Using Thailand as an example again, there is the Elite Visa program. But prices start at US $20,000 for a 5-year visa. That initial investment is a non-starter for me, particularly as I qualify for a regular 1-year retirement visa. But if it were a pro-rated amount that let me stay for 6 months instead, for example, I would have already purchased that for this trip. Best wishes.

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What an amazing insight!.... One of the most interesting I have read..... you know how it partly snow balled about 5 years ago when Thomas Cook went under.... leaving hundred of thousands of apartments in Spain empty!..And large apartment owners began to offer cheap long term rentals....Very interesting reading.... Good Morning...

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