May 3, 2022Liked by Stuart McDonald

Probably 300 posts is about time to say a formal thank you.

I wasn’t planning on going to Asia anytime soon, but there is something about not being able to do something that makes it more appealing. Following you around on your travels has been a wonderful diversion.

I have enjoyed this peak behind the curtains as much as any other. You have a lovely clear writing style. Some of the characters you meet “Couchfish Week 23: A Weird Hotel” and “Couchfish Day 297: The flight attendant” are to die for. I am grateful that you met them and not me. There is something about travel that lends itself to randomers.

I will be sad to see the end of Couchfish, but I know that all good things and that… It will be tempered that I may be sitting on a beach in Thailand, beer in hand, making my own memories (having consulted Travelfish of course.)

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Thanks Martyn, yeah the weird hotel, that was bonkers! This is far from the end of Couchfish—I’ve got another 300 days of posts in me yet!

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