What? No coffee this morning, Stuart? First off, I think the reference to a lower tax for land crossings has to do with the 15-day visa waiver for border crossings versus the 30 days (currently 45) for air arrivals; e.g, less time by land. Second, you know from experience that Thai policy usually develops through this chaotic back and forth process, similar to what Marx (Karl, not Groucho) called the dialectic. I would bet money that this policy will continue to develop over time and may even adopt some of the elements you propose here. Let's wait and see what develops. Third, it's 10 baht per day. Seriously. And finally, I disagree with the other unfortunately pejorative comment that Thailand doesn't do "good/smart." One of the reasons Thailand is such a great place to visit and live is because the infrastructure is so solid, and a great deal of that excellent infrastructure is the direct result of good governance.

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All good/smart ideas Stuart. But as you know, Thailand doesn’t do “good/smart.” Unfortunately. Who knows though, ‘someone’ might read your blog and think “now, that’s a good idea!”

Keep up the good work. I may subscribe yet!

Victor (Stuart) Peeke

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In Bangkok after spending time in Hua Hin, Surat Thani, Koh Phanghan and Koh Samui. Pleased to see people are surviving and thriving though we are seeing only Intercontinental, Evergreen Suites, Princess Paradise and Holiday Inn staff. Quite bemused by the proliferation of cannabis products on offer all over the place.

It’s busy in Bangkok, especially the Malls.

Would like to know any ways we can help local people apart from tipping very well everyone we engage with.

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