Just because you’re on the couch doesn’t mean you can’t travel
Couchfish Day 273: A peek at PekanListen now (7 min) | Why do they always come to me?
Couchfish: Suntory timeOne drink for every time I type sustainability
Couchfish Day 272: Eating KuantanListen now (6 min) | You are what you eat
Couchfish: Take the train not the planeAnd have a better trip in the process
Couchfish Day 271: Hits and missesListen now (5 min) | One hit makes it all worthwhile
Couchfish: A Thai jigsawMy feet be itching
Couchfish Day 270: Slow day in KTListen now (6 min) | When you’re staying in a bamboo and wooden shack elevated above mangroves, a mosquito net is worth a lot. Most of the rooms at Awi…
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